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Linked to multiple YouTube videos to reinforce the learning and understanding. Each page contains a High Resolution image to emphasise the content thereon.


The three most commonly used date rape drugs are Rohypnol, Ketamine and GHB, and these will be explained within this book. In fact, Rohypnol use is now slowing and being replaced by MDMA, which is covered in another DARK SIDE E-book.


What might confuse some readers is that these drugs, which are primarily misused to incapacitate an intended victim of crime, are also used by drug abusers for their own pleasure, albeit in significantly lower dosages. The drugs allow the users to disassociate themselves from reality, to enter their own world until the effects wear off. A victim however will have consumed a larger dose which renders her / him unconscious.


Or, purchase the entire 301 page book (11 units) for just $21.99 (USD).




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