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All terrorist attacks in recent times have been committed by persons who were marijuana users. None of them have ever been linked to any known terrorist organisation.

If we consider two British born "terrorists", Salmen Abedi (Manchester Arena (Ariana Grande) attack), and Khalid Masood (Westminster Bridge - murder of a police officer); both were popular kids in school, liked football and in the case of Masood, academically gifted.

However, they both followed a similar pattern - became involved in gangs, drugs, and violence. They then began to follow highly distorted views of Islam (and in the case of Masood, converted while in prison for violence).

Schools across the UK are engaged in the Prevent Programme, to identify and correct radicalism / exploitation, but many young people transition into dangerousness after leaving the school system.

However, the dangers of marijuana, its links to mental illness, and the resulting 'easily pliable minds', can be taught and reinforced within schools - today. For example, teenage marijuana use creates enormous risks for the future.

Schizophrenia becomes apparent in males from their early to mid-twenties, and in females from their late twenties to early thirties. Women may experience a second onset in their forties, which could be linked to their menopause. This means that teenage consumers of marijuana will likely be unaware of the future risks to their mental health.

Currently, schools are offering some teachings about drugs, but up until now (Drugs: The Dark Side) resources have been very limited.

If you are involved in this form of education, then please feel free to get in touch. In the meantime, information on illicit drugs can now be found on the DSRM website:

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